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    RAG status tracking and comparison

    Liz Gent

      Hi, I have a number of projects mapped in my worksheet in a RAG status i.e. red, amber, green this is displayed numerically in the data source as 1, 2, 3.   I want to be able to show the RAG status of each project in colour terms - so assigning a colour to each number and each project.  But I also want to compare each month's RAG status to the previous months so I can see movement in status.  can anyone help me on how to do this as im new to Tableau and teaching myself. I would ideally like this as two graphics to go onto the one dashboard.

      Many thanks.  Liz

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          Hello Liz!


          First off, welcome to the wonderful world of Tableau! There are plenty of amazing resources out there for learning Tableau. I would definitely not be afraid to check out any and all things available!


          Tableau has some great options in the Learning section of Tableau.com : Learning | Tableau Software


          There is also the phenomenal Think Data Thursday program hosted by Patrick Van Der Hyde and myself on Thursdays throughout the year. Stay up to date on #TDTs by following the Community space.


          + Think Data Thursday


          Also check out all the amazing past Think Data Thursday in our playlist found here: Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube


          I would also check out the Tableau Community Forums workbook library and wiki: Workbook & Calculation Library & TabWiki .


          There are some groups on Twitter that also do a great job of expanding knowledge with weekly challenges. Check out the hashtags #MakeOverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday.


          For this particular question and for future posts, I would suggest attaching a packaged workbook, this allows the Community to get a clear understanding of what is being encountered. This can lead to quicker assistance on the issue as well.


          Packaged workbooks and flows: when, why, how


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

          Community Manager

          Tableau Software