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    Text label not showing when there is no data [tried isnull, ifnull, number of records = 0, number of records is null]

    Leng Hong Leong

      Hello everyone,


      this is a attendance dashboard that I am working on that show a summary of employee activity

      all department.PNG

      But if we drill down to department that has no absent employees the dashboard will look like this

      png department.PNG

      I know this is because there are no rows of employees record but I have searched the internet and tried isnull,ifnull,number of records = 0, isnull(number of records) just to put a '0 employees absent' on there to no avail.

      I have attached a similar workbook with one tab that show the text since there is data, and other tabs of my attempt to get '0 absent' to show.


      In the preview the is output (although is not what I want, but is better than blank), but it just won't show on the worksheet.

      preview got output.png


      Thanks for the help in advance guys!


      Leong Leng Hong