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    Extension not working on Tableau Server

    Nilkamal Shah

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to get an Extension to work on my Tableau server. I have extensions that work fine on my Tableau Desktop (2018.3.0).


      However, when I upload to my Tableau Server (also 2018.3), they just don't show. No error message, just nothing in the spot where I put the extension.


      Things I've tried:

      1. Asked our IT person who is in charge of the server to ensure that Extensions are enabled as shown here: Manage Dashboard Extensions in Tableau Server - Tableau

      He sent me the screen shot below showing that the Extensions were enabled.


      2. I tried using an extension that does NOT need underlying data access (FilterBookmarks.trex). However that did not work either.


      Any ideas as to what I could do to figure this out?