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    Multiple Levels of Aggregation in X-axis

    Jingshu Sun

      Hi all,


      I'm facing a problem regarding multiple levels of aggregation in Tableau.


      Here is how my data source look like




      First I created a lineplot aggregated by Share Price and colored by percent as follows, the measure value is portfolio intrinsic value.




      Then second worksheet is a scatterplot aggregated by GS price and also colored by percent, the measure value is output portfolio intrinsic value.




      Then, my question is, how could I plot the two charts in the same graph? The final output should be the first worksheet including the three points where share price  250.


      Since the two plots are aggregated by different levels and with different measurements, not sure how to plot them in the same graph.


      Basically the idea is that the first worksheet is a whole range of share price and the corresponding portfolio price, the second one is a input share price from the parameter and shows the relevant position in the first worksheet.


      Thanks for any advice and help!