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    Google sheet integration

    Anthony Bernard



      My organization uses Tableau Public for data visualization and analysis. One of our vizzes is integrated with a google live sheet that updates daily with registration data from our Jotform account.


      My first question is:

      1. If we use the "Clean data" option, will it clean/manipulate any of the data in the live sheet?
      2. If we connect tableau to the live sheet to receive real time numbers, will it interfere with the Jotform to Google sheet integration? ( I noticed that once we integrated Tableau to the live sheet, the live sheet stopped pulling data from our Jotform integration.)


      Thank you!

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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hello Anthony


          I use Google Sheets in a similar way on some of my Tableau Public vizzes, some of them that are populated from Google Forms (not Jot Forms)


          About your questions:


          1- I am not sure what is the "Clean data" option you refer to (Is that about using Data Interpreter?). Anyway I believe that the data interpreter will re-run on each refresh so that the data keeps the same shape you used to build the viz. You may need to test some scenarios to check if it will break or not the viz on Tableau Public.


          2- Tableau only reads the data from the sources so I don't believe it will break the integration. Maybe you need to contact Jot Form support to check what happened?


          Let me know if these helps.


          Best regards


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            Michael Rotjan

            Hello Anthony,


            Were you ever able to determine the best way to connect Tableau to your Jotform data?  If so, would you mind sharing?


            Thank you,