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    Tabjolt CPU & Memory Test Result

    Cipta Kridatama

      Hi All,


      I want to ask advice or opinion about my issue.


      I'm using Tableau version 10.5.4 and tabjolt which released on June 8,2017.

      I have tested 3 dashboards randomly with testplan ViewInteractVizLoadTest.jmx widh duration 600 seconds.

      But when I saw the results in CPU & Memory tab, the graphic seems not to be aligning with real records.


      You can refer attachment for test result for CPU & Memory:

      Picture 1 : Test results back then and it should be look like this, the fluctuation of CPU and memory status

      Picture 2 : Test results I got recently, I don't know why but I can't see the fluctuation movement like before. it's like static line.


      Do you guys ever experiencing the same issue? or do you have any hints for me to solve this?