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    How to deploy a Workbook having Customized Sql ?

    Aakash Balabhadruni

      Hi Team,


      I have few questions to get clarified .


      Deployment :-

      i.) In case there is a Customized Sql in .twb how is it different to normal .twb without Cutomized Sql ?

      ii.) Is it a good approach to do a union on 4 tables in Customized Sql . If no, what is the best approach.

      iii.) How to deploy a .twb if the workbok contains Customized Sql, Any precautions to be taken ?


      Relational Connection :-

      In Tableau Desktop i have developed a twb connecting to 'XYZ' Schema.

      In Test environment we could connect only to 'Report' schema and this 'Report' Schema has select grants for all the tables present in 'XYZ' schema.

      Now how to deploy the .twb developed connecting to 'XYZ' Schema to Test Environment having access only to 'Report' Schema.


      Thanks in Advance.






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          Chris McClellan

          For your deployment ...


          i) Custom SQL usually slows down workbooks, sometimes you have to use it but try not to

          ii) If it's a simple UNION, the do it in the data pane of Tableau Desktop (I'm assuming that UNION is supported in your RDBMS for Tableau)

          iii) Performance, but again you might have to use it.


          How does your connection change on deployment ? If it's simply a server name change then you might be able to simply edit the connection details