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    How to make each multi-polygon (based off a spatial file) show independent information?

    Tyler Shea

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I'm trying to take my section/multi-polygon based spatial file of Seattle merged with crime data and see how the crime changes depending on what section of the city I click-on/hover-over. Currently the data merge was successful, and I can display the map of the city with each polygon/section being displayed as it should. The only trouble is when I want to see how the Number of Records change based off which section I click-on/hover-over I only get the total number across the whole map.


      To fix this I tried filtering by each section, and this only partially worked. In other words, when I displayed only one section i got the total number of records for that particular section, however, when I included sections 1, 2 and 3, I got the sum of all three.


      As a bonus question, I'm also trying to see how the crime types change based off which section I'm in (i.e Rape, Murder, Arson, etc). Not only dose the problem above carry over, I can only seem to get the Number of Records of the first crime type alphabetically, where in this case I want to see (Murder 5, Arson 1, Rape 0, Total number of Records 6).


      My filters:

      COLLECT(Geometry) - Detail

      (CNT(Number of Records) - Detail

      Crime Type - Detail


      Thanks so much for any and all help. I will try to answer any clarifying questions if I was unclear.