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    Seeking solution for Stacked Waterfall Chart With Different Stacks on one Bar

    Ravi Parashar

      Looking for way to achieve the below Visualization:

                                                             sample View 1.png


                                                                                                                    Sample View- 1


      It contains 4 separate bars for 4 separate measures calculated by applying different filters to the same excel sheet.

      Hence, we need to save the records of first bar then clear the filters and then re-apply different filters to get the data for second bar.

      & Count of (Bar 1 + Bar 2- Bar3) = 10.5.18 Baseline

      Till Now I am able to achieve the view below:

                                                                       Sample View 2.png

                                                                                                                          Sample view- 2

      • Generated the first 3 bars on single view and for the fourth bar I had to create an extra sheet and merge it into the dashboard.
      • All the labels shown above are hardcoded only the ones shown in the 10.5.18 Baseline are not


      • The labels need to remove hard coded values.
      • The view expected is a stacked waterfall chart with two different legends on it.  First Legend “Prod, Non Prod, DR”. Second Legend on the third bar (Refresh, Migration, and Decommission) and the data for second legend is coming from a different sheet.


      Any one tried this before , can give a solution to this  or can suggest a different way to visualize this.