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    Action Filter Based on a Field which is not in Source viz but in target cross tab

    Shariq Mohd

      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard which is supposed to lead the user to a cross tab ("Details").


      Please see below.


      Sheet 1 : Shows the sales by product.

      Sheet 2 : Shows the orders by Segment.


      When filtered from "Sheet 1" , "Sheet 2" shows the number of order for that products in that segment.


      What i am trying to achieve: When the user clicks on any segment in "Sheet 2" the "Details" view should filter and show only 3 orders for the product selected in the treemap and the segment in "Sheet 2".




      I am able to achieve the result however for that i have to add "Product Name" to the "Sheet 2" which makes the view look messy and confusing and the customer wont like it. See Dashboard 2.


      Dashboard 2


      i am attaching the .twbx here.