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    Questions about Tableau desktop specialist certification

    Hema Priya

      Hi All,


           I want to know in detail about Tableau desktop specialist certification that was recently released. In the exam setup, one proctor software will be there in writing the exam, there are guide lines like have to be in closed space and connected to private network. How it will be possible. Do we can connect to VPN after connecting to LAN.


      And, the hands-on which will be given in the exam should be exactly same as what they expect or else the visualization which retrieves correct answer is fine.


      Please give the full details about exam set up . Through webcam, it will look  the surroundings and see the address and confirm my identity. So, the address which i will give in creating my account should be the address where i will sit for the exam. Is it that so? How the webcam in proctor connector identify my identity.



      Please suggest.