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    Sheet swapping - Dynamically resize sheets

    Rohan Bapat



      I'm attempting sheet swapping using the approach outline by Joe Oppelt here - We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.

      Unfortunately, my sheets do not dynamically resize when I switch the parameter. Below are the screenshots -



      As you can see, the sheets do not dynamically resize on switching the parameter filter. How can I fix this?

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          Joe Oppelt

          That's a vertical container they're in, right?


          Or have you placed them as tiled objects?


          You want the swapping sheets all in the same container. 

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            Rohan Bapat

            Ahh now I see where I went wrong - they were in a tiled container and not a vertical container. I thought since I had put them inside a container and they were vertically aligned, that automatically makes it a vertical container. Thanks for clarifying that! Have a good weekend

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              tanvi khanna

              Hi Joe,


              I have landed into a simple but very time consuming issue on sheet swapping. I have been trying since past 4 hours and now asking for help. because my dashboard is functional wouldn't be able to share it

              I have a busy and functional dashboard with 6 items to be compared by 5 different measures and since each items have different sample sizes for filtering I had to make each sheet (item1-measure1 combination)

              2 sheets have counter filters so that only one is active at a time

              below is the layout - each item-measure has a container with 2 sheets in them

              items    measure1                                  measure 2           measure 3            measure 4        measure 5

              item 1   container 1 (2 sheets)                c7 (2 sheets)

              item 2   container 2 (2 sheets)                c8 (2sheets)

              item 3   c3 (2 sheets)

              item 4

              item 5

              item 6


              I was successfully able to swap sheets based on filters for each container in measure 5 (added images below)

              however, am stuck while placing 2 sheets in a vertical container for other measures (added images below)


              I don't understand why this happens and not able to fix it.

              I made sure, titles are hidden, the height is not fixed, using vertical containers and row has atleast one pill - any help from your experience is highly appreciated!!!


              1. images to that depict unsuccessful swap - the N/A sheet should occupy entire container but does not

              this is enlarged view. in actual dashboard the container is height = 90, so NA is not seen

              the dotted line is sitting in the middle not towards the edge - like in next image (pt 2)

              left = enlarged

              right = actual

              2. images to depict successful swap

              here the dotted line sits exactly at the top and when another filter is selected, the sheet gets successfully swapped occupying the same area - both swapped in same size (as in your videos)