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    Write-back Feature in Dashboard

    Kelvin Nguyen

      Hi all,


      Hope you guys can help me out with this.


      The background is:


      I'm building up a dashboard for monthly business review. There is a "Business Unit Filter" where viewers can change to see data figures of different business unit. In addition, there is a section at the bottom of the dashboard that allows viewers to read comments that come from Business Unit to explain in depth about the monthly figures (Sales, Cost, Operating Profit, etc.).

      At the moment,the process to achieve this is that each business unit will submit their comments via an excel file to publisher (me) at the beginning of each and every month and I will consolidate them into text file and then let the workbook connect to it as a data source, then load it to the dashboard.


      Now, what I want to achieve is to have a write-back function at the bottom of the dashboard so the Business Units don't have to submit the excel files to me anymore. Instead, they can enter their comments straight from the dashboard and submit there. What I'm trying to do is to have a URL object in the dashboard that connect to a simple website that is written in HTML that looks like the below.



      Once a Business Unit has submitted their comments, PHP posts the result back to server. By connecting the workbook to that server and retrieve the comments to the dashboard by a live connection, I have the write-back function.


      I have successfully done this only on a server that is running on my laptop. However, to have it running on my organisation's server. I do not know how to. In fact, these are the questions that I have no clue how to resolve.


           1. We are using Windows Active Directory to authenticate Tableau users. Is there any way that I can let the URL object in the dashboard identify the user who's using the dashboard as well? The reason why I want this is because only some certain people will have the right to submit the comments, not all the users. And the person submitting comments for this Business Unit won't be able to submit comments for any other Business Unit. I believe this has to do with Windows Active Directory. And is it even possible at all?

           2. As a beginner in HTML, may I ask what I need to do in order to have this website up on running on my organisation's server? Do it need to contact our IT department to have a domain that is for my own development?


      Thanks a lot guys!