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    Dual axis charts  with 2018 values only has to change based on selection - 90% close to development

    rao marapatla



      I have dual axis chart with Sales and YTD_Sales  along with Parameter


      requirement 1.

      display all years sales  - 2015,2016,2017 and 2018

      requirement 2:

      based on parameter selection only 2018 data changes on secondary axis.

      requirement 3:

      display YOY growth as up and down arrow with color code ( up is green and down is red).


      attached workbook has 80% close to my requirement need to fine tune


      in requirement 2:

      values are changing but when it overlaps values are overlapping any alternative way like YTD3 selection values are overlapping i wanted them to clear visible.


      In requirement 3:

      i have values but wanted to mark them as colors.