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    Web Data Connector - Refresh Issue on Tableau Server 2018.1

    Akshay Salunke

      Hi All,


      I'm using a Jira AIO connector to get data from Jira to Tableau. I'm able to refresh this data source on the Tableau Desktop. However, when I published this on the Tableau Server, it is giving an error of 'Connection Failed'. It doesn't show what error it is.

      I checked the following link, but it is for Tableau Server 2018.3. I'm on 2018.1 which uses Tabadmin instead of TSM.

      Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server - Tableau


      Does anyone has knowledge or reference to resolve this issue. I'm unable to find any article for Web Data Connectors for 2018.1. Your help is appreciated as I'm struggling to find a resolution for this.