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    Tableau HTML data manipulation


      I have a requirement to update the report generated by Tableau dynamically. I am trying to edit html response object of tableau report. I am able to locate the data that I need to update but when i update it, it just updates the mouse-over property and not the actual value. For Example if the cell value in report is "12345" and mouse-over for that cell also shows "12345". After searching the value "12345" and updating it to "67890", only update I see is for mouse-over value. The actual cell value in report still shows "12345".


      Currently i am updating below json object:


      "secondaryInfo": {"pressModelMap": {"dataDictionary": {"pressModelHolder": {"genDataDictionaryPressModel": {"dataSegments": {"0": {"dataColumns": ["dataValues": [Values Updated Here]


      I am new to Tableau and want to know how we can locate the data values in html response object and why i am not able to update the report values when it updates the mouse-Over value. Or if my approach is wrong and there is another way to traverse the html response object.


      Tableau Server Version: 10.5.3