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    Running difference on a viz in tooltip

    Eric Viglotti



      I am trying to do something that I suspect is not possible, but I want to see if any gurus out there had a way...


      If you look at the attached, I can see that Sales jumped quite nicely between 2017 and 2018. If I hover over 2017 and then over 2018 and back and forth, I can visually see that phones jumped a lot. But I can't easily see which subcategories were most responsible for this overall sales increase. If this was all on one big cross tab or something, I could easily use a running difference or other calculation to get the "previous" value to compare. But I can't do that in a tooltip because viz in tooltips directly filter the data leaving the viz in tooltip unable to see what the "previous" value was.


      Can anyone think of a way to make the viz in tooltip in this example be the difference in sales between this year and the prior year instead of absolute sales? I have done this before with a total hack of the raw data coming out of the source system with a bunch of ETL type work, and the results were well received by the report audience, but it wasn't really a scalable and reproducible solution.



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