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    Update data-driven parameter extension via another parameter (v 2018.3)

    Eli Kern



      I am trying to make use of the new "extensions" in Tableau 2018.3 by using data-driven parameters to synchronize an X-axis across two separate worksheets.


      In the attached workbook, each worksheet has a calculated field that calculates the maximum of the measure in each view - these two constants are stored in two parameters that are used to feed the two data-driven parameter extensions in the lower left of the dashboard. The final step is that each worksheet has a reference line that pulls from a calculated field that selects whichever's worksheet's maximum value is higher, thus synchronizing the X-axes across the two worksheets.


      This solution works beautifully when using filters to change the view (i.e. try changing any of the filters at the top of the dashboard and you will see the data-driven parameters (and axis scales) update.


      My problem is when I change the nature of the measure by changing from counts to percentages (bottom-right parameter on dashboard). The scale is then the percent scale and each axis should be set to 100% (or 1), but the data-driven parameters do *not* update presumably because the view has not changed. If you select "reload" for each data-driven parameter, the parameters will then update to "1" and the axis will scale appropriately, but obviously I don't want users to have to do this.


      Any ideas for how to set this up so that these data-driven parameters refresh for both filter AND parameters changes like this?


      Thank you!