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    Percentile Calculation Ignores Filters

    Luke Sirakos

      I am trying to create a view that shows percentile bins of my data (10th, 20th, 30th, etc) but when I do this the percentiles are not recalculated based on the level of detail on the sheet as it is ignoring my filters. I can't understand why this is ignoring the filters but it is basically making that calculation unusable since I have a myriad of filters in place to slice and dice the data.


      I included a very basic workbook that has 100 records and so each bucket should have 10 records in it. With no filters it works perfectly, when I add a filter that filters the data in half it falls apart. On this sheet each bucket should have 5 records in it but it is still basing the percentiles on the overall data set.


      My actual data is much more complicated and can have at least 5 filters going on in one sheet. Are there any solutions for this?