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    Setting up tableau server with Active directory authentication

    kushal Joshi

      Hi All,


      I am trying to setup a tableau server with AD authentication.

      Tableau server will be installed on a VM in Azure and this IT infrastructure is owned and controlled by organisation-1. The idea is to embed the dashboard in SFDC(owned and controlled by organisation-1) and provide the access to the end user in organisation-2 where AD is maintained and it is on different network zone. Authentication method SAML will be used for SSO.

      I need to find a way where users get authenticated via Active directory of organisation-2 when they login into SFDC So that they don't have to login into Tableau again to be able to see dashboards embedded on the portal.


      I have checked two way trust authentication article but it does not give sufficient information about how to implement that.



      Thanks in advance for your support.