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    why data is being filtered on upload to server

    jon rios

      i have an odd problem (unfortunetly i cant upload wb) but maybe someone experienced the same and can provide guidance.


      i have 30 Banks i am creating a group of dashboards for. the dashboards are identical, the data is structured the same but data points are specific to each bank


      I created a workbook using 1 banks data as the source data and create 100+ sheets and 9 dashboards. I upload this workbook to server and everything works as expected.


      i now will use this as a template for the other banks.  When i connect this workbook and replace with another banks data, it adjusts filters on certain sheets, meaning if a filter has 9 items selected, it will deselect 8 items, so only 1 items shows.  This happen whenever I connect the workbook to a new bank.


      i cant figure out what would cause the sheet to have filters adjusted, anyone experience something similiar???  just a shot in the dark cause i cant find why. just upgraded to 10.5 3 weeks ago