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    Change numerical format to hh:mm:ss

    Aym cham



      I would like to change a numerical format(60) to hh:mm:ss(00:01:00) for just one column in the same dimension, for exemple:


      I have a dimension "Counter" and a measure "Count", in the "Counter" dimension i have "views", "visitors","average minute viewved"

      The format for the three is numerical...


      i would like to let a numerical format for "views" and "visitor", but i want change the format "average minute vewved" to hh:mm:ss


      The DB is in the format:

      The voiceViews5000
      The voiceVisitors3000
      The voiceAverage minutes viewved60


      Therefore, in Tableau i have this:

      ProgramViewsVisitorsAverage minutes viewved
      The voice5000300060


      But, i would like to have something like that:

      ProgramViewsVisitorsAverage minutes viewved
      The voice5000300000:01:00


      Thank you in advance for your help.