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    Pros and cons of sharing same tableau online cloud with 2 creators of different divisions

    Ahmed Mukhtar


      We are in a process to get the Tableau online licenses.

      Within our company, there are two INDEPENDENT divisions both of which wants to have the licenses under one cloud but treat it as a private independent access without sharing workbooks, data, scheduled slot and others.


      Idea is to have 2 creators and have 100 users. each of 4 creators will handle 25 users each,


      I want to know the cons of such setup

      - Can the two creators not share their workbooks?

      - Will the slots of scheduled refresh in tableau online be there for each creator or will be shared ?

      - How will it affect the performance of the cloud?

      - Can the 4 creators with their permissions treat the cloud as if they had an independant cloud with all control over their workbooks?

      - Others?


      Can someone please assist in this? Will really appreciate