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    Tableau Server Performance Example Workbooks

    Alexander Egert

      Hi there,


      at the moment I´m struggling with some dashboards and their performance.

      I´ve read a lot of performance blogs and saw tableau´s performance tuning videos where a lot of tools like tabmon e.g. were used.


      I want to identify and undertand much more about the things the tableau server will do while rendering and loading the data because at the moment the I don´t unterstand the performance things at all. Report load times differ beetween 10-60 seconds on the same dashboard.


      I´m unsure if this caused of re-caching the data or another impact creates the really big differences. That´s why I will try to test some more tools to understand what happens.


      So what I need is:


      - which tools are you using to understand the performance in your workbooks?

      - do someone has some example workbooks for me based on the data the tools are producing that I can use for understanding?


      At the moment I´m only using tableau´s performance reports but it clearify not everything at all.


      I think some "calculated fields" or "filters" can be the problem so that rendering slow down and take a while.


      Another question what I have is:


      - is the postgreSQL database involved while loading the dashboard on the tableau server?

      - has someone optimized the things in the postgreSQL database for himself? (Indexes and so one are not optimized by tableau)


      A lot of questions but I think someone of you can help me with that.


      Thx to all....