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    Removing duplicates by filtering using created date

    Mike Rasic

      I am looking for a way in Tableau Prep to filter down a list of multiple items associated with one user to one item using the date as the filter.


      More detail:


      We generate a credit report for each applicant when their application is processed.  However, there are situations where multiple credit reports are generated - for example, if an applicant makes changes to items in their application, we re-run that application resulting in a new credit report being generated.


      I'm looking for a way in prep to filter the list of credit reports down to just one - the last one that was generated.


      I can't use an aggregate (or at least haven't been able to figure out how to) because i then either lose other fields in the table that I need to carry over or the nature of the field gets changed when I move it over.


      I've tried using the filter {Fixed [creditreport#]: MAX([createddated])} in the data input section but that does not filter any results out.


      Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.