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    Does Tableau Prep work on network drives?


      I have been having serious corruption issues since purchasing Tableau Prep and have been advised to work on my desktop (twitter support). I work for a modern company and need to work on secure directories because the projects I work on use sensitive data. My security agreement with my client means I can't move the data location. I connect to my network via VPN.

      Other users in my project team may also need to view and amend the files I create (however at the moment only I have a Tableau prep licence). We are trialling Tableau and I have purchased a license with the aim of determining whether we can roll it out company-wide.


      Can anyone confirm whether Tableau Prep is only meant to work locally? Can we store source data/output files/flow files on networked drives?

      Does anyone have a workaround or suggestions for how my workflow will work using Tableau prep?