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    Conditions for YES or NO


      Hello Need some urgent help here:



      for these 3 markets - there are workdates & then there are job done dates in the text value.


      I need a condition which would allow me to check if the Job done date = Workdate for the selected dates.


      for example here:

      5 dates - 11/10, 11/13, 11/14, 11/15, 11/16  - these are Workdates

      and we need to check if the Markets did their job on the same date.


      if they did their job on all the workdates selected then answer should be YES else it should be NO.


      In this example - for A , B, C it should result NO.


      As A did not finish its job for 11/16/2018

      B did not finish its job for 11/15/2018 & 11/16/2018

      and C did not finish its job for 11/13,11/14,11/15,11/16


      Please let me know if questions.


      Thank you