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    Space between bars

    Amar Amar


      I'm trying to achieve keeping the segment bars together and then some gap to the other segment etc.

      Please find the attached workbook.


      For example:

      Consumer segments bars together with no gaps and then some gap between consumer and corporate etc.


      Please advice.

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Amar,


          I got it working by adding a sum(0) field before and after your measures and then changing the alias for each (one's a single blank space and the other is two blank spaces since two fields can't have the same alias).


          I've updated the attached Tableau file with this.  Let me know if you have any questions.


          Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 4.47.35 PM.png




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            Joe Oppelt

            In the attached, I maxed out the SIZE of the bars.  Then I went into FORMAT and formatted the column lines to be as wide as the formatter would let me,  And then I chose white for the color of the lines.

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              Amar Amar

              Thank you Joe.

              I tried this , but i do not want to see those measures appear in the legends. Is this possible?

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                Joe Oppelt

                Amar -- My solution didn't have the extra measures.


                You can get them out of the legend, but it depends on whether or not you want user interactivity with the legend.  (Some dashboards are set up so that if the user clicks an item in the legend, all marks for that selection get highlighted.)


                If you want that interactivity, you're going to have to have those extra lines in the legend.  You could select a color of white for both those measures, so at least the user won't see them.  But the space in the legend will still be there.


                If you don't want interactivity, you can create a second sheet that just has the three measures on it.  Float that sheet behind everything else on the dashboard, and set its coordinates so that it's very small in size.  But float it's legend in front of everything else.  It will look like the legend for the sheet with the bogus SUM(0) measures, but it won't have those measures in it.