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    Divide measure by countd of dates -10.4

    Mikey Michaels


      Thanks you so much for your time - it really is much appreciated!

      Just when I thought I figured out an answer to my question, Tableau does not return a value grrrrrrr


      Now to my question, on the attached I'm trying to divide my Avg Subscription months (2590) by the number of months selected on my Month filter - in this case I have selected 4 months, so I would expect to see 2590/4 =  647.5 in the Test row. if I selected 5 months the denominator would then be 5.


      Can someone take a look at my Test calculation to see while Tableau is returning zero?


      All help is very much appreciated!

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          Don Wise

          Hello Mikey,

          You were using [Billing Plan End] in your calculation but your filter is for [Billing Plan Begin].  Changing your calculation to the modified one below, which uses a COUNTD of the DATEPART of the MONTH of [Billing Plan Begin] should get you the number you're looking for. If this is correct, please mark this response as correct. Thx, Don


          Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 1.17.55 PM.png