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    Map Data Layer Definitions

    Joseph Pfeffer



      I'm using the data layers for a presentation and would like to know their source as I'm sure it will be asked. Are they all one source and what is it? Finally, for the white and blue collar occupations by zip code, would that be the zip code of the employer or the zip code of the employee's residence?

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          Don Wise

          Hi Joseph,

          Tableau partners with multiple sources for map data layers.  The list of the sources are located here: About Tableau Maps | Tableau Software


          For your question about occupations by zip code, that would be dependent upon the data source using those attributes.  You might have to do bit of research on that question using one or more of the data sources.  My personal thinking is that it would be the zip code of the employer (if they're cooperating) not the personal information of the employee's residence.


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