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    Go to a specific Dashboard based on a filter

    Eugene Trilesnik

      Hey Guys,


      I have 4 filters in my dashboard. They are in this order.


      Filter 1

      Filter 2 is Relevant values of Filter 1

      Filter 3 is Values in context

      Filter 4 is Relevant Values again



      I want a user to go down the list and when he clicks on a value out of Filter 4, it jumps him to a dashboard that is based on Filter 2 values


      For example:

      Filter 1: School

      Filter 2: Grade

      Filter 3: Clasroom

      Filter 4: Student Name


      When they select Student Name, if student is in grade 3, go to dashboard 3, if he is in 4, go to dashboard 4.


      Is that possible?





      Screenshot Attached with how my dashboard selector looks

      I can't attach a file because lots of sensitive data. Just imagine student list has 10 people in it.




      If that doesn't work, maybe there is a way to have 1 button that goes to different dashboards based on a filter?


      I currently have 4 buttons but even when hidden they can be pressed, and the location differs; SCreenshot attached of that variant as well. All the red boxes are buttons that are hidden but still pressable.