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    Gradient map not using full range of colors

    Kurt Heisler

      I'm trying to create a gradient map where the color for each county is based on the county's percent change in performance between two dates. I added as a filter the date field (QuarterStart) and selected the two dates of interest. I then added to the Color card the variable holding Performance, and set it as a Quick Table Calc (Percent Difference) with Compute Using = QuarterStart, Relative to = Previous.


      The counties on the map show the correct % changes, and the color legend shows the correct range (-87.5% to 64.8), but the map is not being color coded according to the full range (an orange-blue diverging). For example, shouldn't the -87.5% be in red (instead of tan), and the 64.8% be in blue (instead of gray)? In fact, there's no deep blues or reds at all despite several counties being near the ends of the range. Color opactiy is set to 80% (Tableau's default). I've tried editing the colors to use different color Palettes, Stepped Color options, Use Full Color Range, using different Start and End values, but the problem persists. Any ideas?



      Added a packaged workbook.

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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi Kurt,


          Have you tried checking the third option in the dialog box you have showing in your attached pic: "Use Full Color Range"?




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            Kurt Heisler

            Yes. I also checked Start, End, and / or Center.

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              Jennifer VonHagel

              What strange behavior. Can you attach your workbook with the problem? It's difficult to try to diagnose without poking around.




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                Ken Flerlage

                Can you attach a workbook?

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                  Jennifer VonHagel

                  Hi Kurt,


                  If you bring Quarterstart to the Columns Shelf, you'll get the desired result.


                  You can then Hide the Previous Quarter by right-clicking the quarter value and choosing Hide:


                  This isn't great for dynamically updating your workbook.  I have a client for whom I do a lot of YoY % Change by Quarter, mapped. There are a few ways to make this more dynamic and easily update-able.


                  1. Create an explicit YoY % Change formula: ( SUM([Performance]) / LOOKUP(SUM([Performance]),-4) ) - 1


                  It's more easy to see how this works in table format where all quarters are allowed in.  It compares the current column (quarter) performance to the performance found 4 columns before the current column. This is safe only if your data won't have missing quarters in between.  If your data may have quarters missing, there are a few other ways to do it.


                  2. Set up your Map view with all Quarters showing in the columns.

                  3. Create a True/False calculation to determine which is the most recent quarter in your dataset. Put this on the columns shelf before the Quarterstart column.


                  4. Right-click on the "False" value in the view and Hide it.


                  Leaving only the map where Is Latest Quarter = True.  Now if you refresh your data with a new quarter, it will show here.



                  You may not automatically want the Latest Quarter, you may want to choose a quarter.  If so, you can put your quarters into a parameter:


                  1. Create Parameter and populate with Quarters from your Date field:

                  2. Create a True/False field for whether Quarterstart = the Quarter chosen in the Parameter, and put it on the Columns Shelf before Quarterstart:


                  Now, the TRUE quarter will be whichever is chosen, and the YoY % Change is still looking for 4 columns previous for its comparison point.  You can right-click and hide the False columns.

                  You can also right click and Hide the column headers: "Is Chosen Quarter / Quarterstart", "True", and "10/1/2017".


                  Workbook is attached. I hope this helps.