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    Percentage Pie Chart for Vulnerability Category

    Ian Boysen

      I'm attempting to create a pie chart that shows the percentage of vulnerabilities over certain ages.


      High > 90 Days

      Med > 120 Days

      Low > 180 Days


      I need to count each of the vulnerabilities that exceed the age criteria above.


      Variables are:


      Days Old

      Number of Records


      For now if I could get a Calculated Field query for just one of the severity's I could work the rest into a pie chart to show the percentage of compliance.  All assistance is greatly appreciated.  I can write sql queries all day long, but I'm fairly new to Tableau and it's query language.

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          Norbert Maijoor

          HI Ian,


          Find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 2018.2 located in the original thread.






          1. D1. High Med Low:

          {fixed [Severity]: sum([days Old])}>180 then 'Low'
          elseif {fixed [Severity]: sum([days Old])}>120 then 'Med'
          elseif {fixed [Severity]: sum([days Old])}>90 then 'High'



          2. M1. countd Severity: countd([Severity])



          3. Drag the required objects to the indicated location




          Hope it helps.