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    Tableau dashboard with Qlikview like design ie cascading filters use as filter etc

    David Matthews

      I have a requirement for a dashboard that has 5 dimensions and 6 different measures where users would like to be able to pick any combination of dimensions and see the measures. The dimensions aren't necessarily in a hierarchal fashion with a Top level to start with. To me it seems like a Qlikview type dashboard where you click on a text box and the other text boxes display related values. It seems to me like in Tableau one would have to use cascading filters or add each dimension to a dashboard with Use As Filter functionality. I know performance wise this is not ideal with Tableau however the number of records isn't that large.


      Anyone have any advice on the best way to accomplish this or better yet a good sample VIZ(s) that they know of and can share?


      Thanks in advance for any input.

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          Stephen Rizzo

          For requests like these I would probably push back and try to get the request scoped out further. What is the underlying business need? What insights are the end users hoping to get out of the view / dashboard? If they know what they are looking for beforehand, would there be a set of views (each with some lesser amount of flexibility) that would let them get at those insights more quickly?


          If the end users don't know what they are looking for and really need more of a sandbox, I suspect the preferred way to handle this request would be to provide them with editor (explorer?) licenses for Tableau Server and let them edit a viz themselves. You could give them access to a curated data set with only the dimensions and measures the end users would need, then let them play around with the different fields and how they would want the data displayed.


          With all of that said, you can probably build a view with 5 "variable" dimensions (calculated fields that each use a different parameter to determine which of the 5 dimensions' values to use), then create cascading filters for those fields, but it will be messy.


          EDIT: added attachment to show how variable dimensions could be implemented