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    Tableau Certification Exam - System Issues

    Lucy Cook

      Hi All,


      I attempted to sit the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam yesterday, and experienced multiple problems.


      I had to use my personal laptop which only has a wireless internet connection. My work laptop blocks downloads and access to the Proctor website, it is also against policy to allow external people to access and control my work laptop, so this is ruled out. The initial setup was long and messy, the setup guidance provided in advance of the test doesn't cover the installation you need to contact the Proctor, so it took a lot longer than expected. Not the end of the world as long as it didn't eat into my test time, which it didn't.


      I was eventually able to install and set up the test, with the help of the Proctor. I was now connected to a VM with the test questions, data, and Tableau Desktop installed so I could start the test.


      Half way through the test, Tableau Desktop on the VM froze. I was unable to do anything at all with it, be it change worksheets, move fields or even close it down! I contacted the proctor immediately, who after around 20 minutes of trying to fix it (closing via Task Manager, re-opening etc), told me it couldn't be fixed and to email exams@loyalists.com to explain what had happened. This was obviously extremely frustrating. I couldn't complete the exam or get any answers as to why it had happened, or what would happen next without contacting a third party via email, and waiting for a response.


      When Loyalist responded they blamed my internet connection for Tableau freezing as I was using a wireless connection (my only option). I can't prove either way if the connection dipped at that point or not, so even if I assume it did, can that affect the Tableau software on a VM? Nothing else on the VM froze or lost connection. I was able to continue through the questions and stayed in constant contact with the Proctor.


      I am just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and if there is anything I can do when I re-take the test to ensure it doesn't happen again? I am the first person in my organisation to sit any of the exams, and am supposed to assess if it useful for the other 30 users to sit too. Given that they will also have to use personal laptops, likely with wireless connections, I want to ensure the process is reliable before I recommend.




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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Lucy,  You should email Tableau's certification team directly at certification@tableau.com.  They're probably your best option for getting resolution on this and they're very responsive.  You could also try tweeting @Tableau on twitter too about this - that will give it visibility in front of the whole Tableau community, who may also be able to help.


          I had a less than stellar experience taking the Qualified Associate exam last year on my personal laptop (which is a Mac and didn't play nicely with the Windows VM), so I feel your pain.  Hope they get this resolved for you.




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            Lucy Cook

            Thanks Paul, I will do that!

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              Ritesh Bisht

              I did face the same issue better to prepare yourself by going through Video like below (we should take this process lightly ,can be painful ),

              luckily I passed the exam


              1) The Tableau Online Exam Experience - YouTube


              2) Satisfy the recommendations set by Proctor's team (It will be with you once you are registered for the exam)

              ------->This will help you to avoid any excuses given later


              3) You can definitely try to send an email to certification@tableau.com.


              They will have recording of your exam and then they will decide what to do


              I have seen few of the people having chance to give exam again without paying again , but most of the people won't make it


              I got passed luckily after having few hiccups 


              Thank you for contacting the Tableau Certification Team.

              Your inquiry will be responded to in the order it was received. If you have further questions, please direct them to certification@tableau.com.




              Please mark the answer if helpful for you



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                Bharat A

                What is the procedure in case the network connectivity goes off.

                Can we retake the exam. If yes then when.

                My ISP (in india) cannot guarantee seamless connectivity.

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                  Sashi Kasiviswanathan

                  Hi Lucy and others,


                  Today I sat to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam and while I did so, half way through the exam the vm/browser/chat/tableau app everything froze and became non-reactive/responsive. The proctor didnt respond immeditely and I was only able to chat with the proctor which was hanging too.


                  Proctor didnt respond immediatley and he tried to reset the password and while trying to do so and refreshing the browser that was slowly responding the exam timed out.


                  I wish there was other options of going to a center to give exam rather than this option. It was terrible as I  sat there for around 2 hours wasting my time prepping with connectivity tests to start the exam and at the end I was frustrated with all this poor process.


                  Proctors are not actively monitoring or very helpful and take a lot of time to respond and dont know next steps or pause the test if it becomes non-responsive to start from that point. Please get a recording of my test and you will be able to see the series of things that happened.


                  I have reached out to both certification@tableau.com. and exams@loyalists.com with the details and will wait to see the response.


                  I have taken few other certification exams in the past with JAVA/IBM etc and it was all in centers and always had a real good experience. For the first time I am complaining about how this exam was set up and had a proctor with less to no knowledge tp help me out there.




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                    Sashi Kasiviswanathan

                    I truly lookforward for tableau support to step in and help me resolve the issues and a provide a retake test with a responsible proctor.

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                      Ciara Brennan

                      Hi Sashi

                      Thank you for the feedback. Good to hear you have reached out to the team at certification@tableau.com. I've also cc'd Courtney Jacobsen as fyi.


                      Kind Regards


                      [Program Manager - Tableau Community Forums]