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    Sharepoint List HTTP Error/OData Permission Error


      Hi all,


      I am trying to use either SharePoint list or Excel Online as a data source for Tableau.

      For Excel, I have tried 'Map Network Drive' which works, but disconnects as soon as my computer restarts. I have tried resolving it with 'regedit' and Command Prompt, but no luck there as well. Syncing OneDrive folders to my computer works longer, but it would be better if Tableau was connected to a server instead of a local connection (in case my computer no longer works).


      For SharePoint Lists, I have received HTTP protocol errors for the built-in SharePoint connector and permission errors with OData.

      I have looked at these articles, but none are working right now:

      Connect to SharePoint Lists with OData

      SharePoint Lists - Tableau

      Permissions Error Connecting to Sharepoint List through OData


      I feel like I have tried everything and would like to imagine I have performed all steps correctly. What options do I have to move forward with this?