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    How does Tableau compute Percentile?

    Garima Vohra



      I have read other threads and articles about it still not clear. For one of my charts, I am trying to calculate quartiles then moved to percentile. Time to complete itself is a field having subtractions of 2 values resulting in days-hours it took to complete the task. For example-


      I have different categories/items (A - [A1, A2, A3, A4], B-[B1, B2, B3, B4]) etc. and for one of the categories (say B) my calculated field is


      PERCENTILE(TimetoComplete,.5/.75 /.99.)


      Name List of TimeToCompletes for B

          B1     5.25

          B2     7.98

          B3     13.00

          B4     12.15

          B5     11.98

          B6     7.77

          B7     6.99

          B8    13.00


      I get 8.9 (50 percentile) 12.3 (75th) and 13.00 (as the 99th) for the B category. Question is-  can you break down on how it is computing, by doing average, how is it getting the values?

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          Jim Dehner


          Percentile in all its forms is doing a count of the points in your viz - in your example there are 8 - it then counts the points and divides them in 2 groups based on the "Value" - in the .5 example that equates to 4 points above the returned value and 4 points below - for .75 it is 2 points above and 6 below (25% and 75% of the points )

          When the boundary falls between 2 point Percentile will do an interpolation to come up with a value -


          Does that help


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            Garima Vohra

            So, for the 75th percentile.. First tableau gets the 75 % by (total number) *.75 gives us the value of the index when we see is value on that index ?

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              Jim Dehner

              it is based on Marks for the filtered view-  it then returns a value of the MEASURE that equates to the boundary -

              so if the number of points is 100 and  if the sum of sales is  $100 for the value 75th and $90 for the 76th  Percentile will return $95  half way between the 2 values

              NOT the index