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    I have multiple data sources with parameters, I want to use one parameter with All as an option init.

    naveen kumar

      Hi All,


      There are multiple data sources(custom SQL - DB 2) and parameters in a workbook.


      I wanted to have a parameter with All as a selection in it. I have hard coded this by using calculation.

      if [PRODUCT_FAMILY]= 'All' then 'true'

      elseif [Product Family] = [PRODUCT_FAMILY] then 'true'

      else 'false'

      END  this I am writing in Product Family data source for a parameter Product Family. I wanted to have this in Activity or Status data source to be working.


      For example : I have Activity, Status and Product Family as data sources and Product Family as parameter from Product Family  data source.


      I am using this Parameter Product family in Activity data source, the problem is when I tried to use this Parameter with "All" option being hard coded this is becoming measure instead of dimension. This calculation to hard code All option into parameter is working in Product family data source only.


      In my report I am using Status as primary source, Activity as 2nd data source and I am trying get this Product Family parameter in either of these data sources , to get All into parameter the calculation is becoming measure instead of dimension.


      Any alternates or suggestions on this will be a great help for me.