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    Weighted scoring in survey data

    Daarshini Sarath Sandran



      I am currently creating a dashboard to present my survey data. I have created unweighted sheets to visualise my findings and would now like to have weighted visualisations as well.

      My survey data is consolidated in text instead of numericals. How do I add these weights to the calculation of my dashboard. For e.g. I want to represent a share of Female and Male across different Household Incomes in the 4 different countries I sent the survey to.


      What I have tried but doesn't work:


      1) Calculated field multiplying the weight to the count of account_id's of the respondents.

      2) IF else statement assigning the weights by country


      Attached is a copy of the unweighted workbook you could use to help me out. Use calculated field Country Weights to obtain the weightages by country.



      Any form of help would be much appreciated.