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    How to identify the "non-existant" data ?

    Pierre Ammoun

      I have a raw data that I am to analyse under tableau software.


      The data basically is a sales data. and it is very straightforward.




      sales rep,


      customer channel,

      customer area,


      item type ,

      item description,


      unit price,


      net price.


      one of the questions that is asked is to identify for a specific product, who are the customers that never purchased from this item within a specific period of time.

      They need it interactive so that they can "play around" with it.

      Any idea how I can achieve this ?


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          Good Technical knowledge question: you may not achieve this in Tableau but you have option to write custom SQL to pull the customers and the products which they never purchased.

          select customerid,productname,sum(sales) from Table A group by customer id,product name........ with this you have the customers and products they purchased...


          now the main query select b.customerid,a.product id from customer B where b.customerid=a.customerid.... need to rethink same in multiple methods to get it... mostly your oracle dba will hep you in writing stored procedure to get this information... hope this information helps you to rethink and debug in different way...

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            Seth Nelson

            Hi Pierre,


            This thread will not exactly match your desired result, but could provide some insight into possible strategies.


            Use tableau to find cross selling opportunity


            The answer will allow you to see Customers that purchased "Item A" but did not purchase "Item B" (Items selected with Parameters).


            Hope this helps,