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    How much RAM does Tableau Online have?

    Mouhamed Assafiri

      I'm going through the process of uploading some extracts into Tableau Online to help speed up reporting load time.

      I was looking at some of these extracts, 10-20MB each, and was wondering, do all of these extracts sit in RAM on Tableau Online?



      I remember reading that Tableau is optimised by loading data into RAM, which would make me believe that it's also loaded into the Tableau Online's RAM...

      Which makes me wonder... how much RAM does tableau online have?


      It'd have to be in the Terrabytes to support all their customers...

      Anyone know?

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          Bryan Fernandez



          It could be nice if its terabytes as you said but i doubt it will be like that.

          Since Tableau Online is hosted in Amazons AWS, it could cost a lot though.

          However, since Engineers at Tableau knew that they will provide such

          service to thousands or even hundred of thousands users,

          I could tell they knew their server requirements will do have lot of workload, traffic and bandwidth and they

          already estimated,predicted and calculated how much resources they need to accommodate



          Note that Tableau used not just one Server but a cluster of servers and their Tableau System applications.

          So I think you should not need to worry about what you're going to do with their servers, its just

          a little task for their well made machines.