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    Filtering Records in Tableau using Conditions

    Aditya K

      Hello Everyone,

           Please refer to the excel attached. I want to sort the data by ID and ascending Date. And then, remove the first 3 records and display other records (from 4th record) for every ID. For example, in the sample data which I have attached, for ID = 1, I want only the records from 22 Sep 2018 till date. In Tableau, how do i achieve this? Please help. Thanks.


      Update: There is a small change in the question. The above (Remove 1st 3 records and display from 4th record) should be applied after filtering out certain records. For example: In the excel attached, Rows with status as 'ACTIVE' should be filtered before applying Index and filtering out 3 records. please help me out


      Message was edited by: Aditya K I have updated the question because I am not getting the required output. Thanks

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          Hi Aditya,


          To filter first 3 records for each ID, create a calculated field with the formula: INDEX()>3


          and then drag this calculated field onto Filters shelf and then select "Pane Down" from compute using by right clicking on the field (this calculated field) and select the value as "True"


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            kumar answer is correct but actual procedure is clearly mentioned below. first created once calculated field and put INDEX() IN IT... then place this field in Text.

            then select compute using pane down so that for each ID it will create index as ranking.. like 1,2,3,4,5,6

            then place this index in filter and select least value should be 4 so that first three will go off....