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    What is the best Function/Statement for Color Coding Performance

    Ciara Brennan

      Question posted on behalf of @Mohamed Hersi


      Dear all,


      I have a data in percentage which I would like to use with either a Map or a Treemap and color code it according to the predefined percentage ranges shown below. I have tried the following CASE statement but Tableau says it is invalid. Any help would be much appreciated.


      case [Column name]

      WHEN >30% THEN 'Red'

      WHEN 20% - 30% THEN 'Orange'

      WHEN 10% - 20% THEN 'Light Orange'

      WHEN 5% - 10% THEN 'Light Green'

      WHEN 0% - 5% THEN 'Green'

      WHEN <0% THEN 'Purple'