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    Nulls not displaying correctly [Newbie question]

    X LL

      Hi guys,

      I hope I'm posting to the correct audience. I'm new to Tableau, using it to do some EDA on the basic Titanic dataset.

      Link: Tableau Public  

      Doing a barplot for 2 variables -> Embark (Categorical with 3 distinct values and 2 nulls) and Survived (target variable, 1 or 0)


      I'm doing a basic stacked bar plot for "Embark", however, there were 2 null values in the "embark" columns.

      I'm baffled at the bar plot for "null" bar-> why is the stacked bar not showing correctly? Mousing over the bar for null, it says there were 2 counts of survived, and of the 2, 1 died and 1 survived.


      It should have been a sliver of orange and blue, not entirely orange. (Zooming in to a smaller range for y-axis, the null bar is entirely orange)


      Why is it not displayed correctly?