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    Viz in Tooltip query

    Michael Begg



      Please see attached workbook.


      I am trying to produce the Table on sheet 1 with Sheet 2 included as Viz in Tooltip.


      It works fine when you hover over the value for one [segment] - screenshot 1 below.



      However, if you hover the sub-total for a [category], the viz in tooltip displays every [customer name], rather than just those for the relevant [category].



      E.g [Profit] from sales of 'Furniture' to 'Berenike Kampe' was $1,193 while the screenshot above shows $1,761, (which is total profit from sales to 'Berenike Kampe')


      I really want to include the 'Viz in Tooltip' and the sub-totals but I am not keen on users seeing incorrect data when they hover over the sub-totals.