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    Connecting to a Published Entitlement Table for Row-Level Security

    Eric Weinstein

      Hi all - right now I am doing row-level security with an Excel document entitlement table (contains username and data field they are supposed to be restricted to, which does not exist in the main data source).  This works great for individual dashboards.  However, I have upwards of 15 dashboards which need to be attached to this entitlement table, and the data (users) in the entitlement table changes just slightly every couple of months.  This means that if I were to need to update the entitlement table, I would have to update and re-publish every dashboard that uses it.  My potential solution was to publish the Excel entitlement table to Tableau Server and then connect to that published entitlement table with all of my other dashboards, this way I could update just the published entitlement table when changes occur.  Problem is - you can't add a Tableau Server data source to a  multi-connection data source.  Is there a way to do this that I'm not thinking of?