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    View Data/Full Data

    Netra Pokhrel

      I have been working with Tableau 2018.1.1 using data from OLAP cubes. All of our cube structure is set up exactly the same way. I can do drill to detail (view data/full data ) on all except in one cube. For that one particular cube I get following error can any one guide me.

      Unable to complete action

      An error occurred while loading the data.

      An error occurred while loading the data.

      No underlying data was available for the item you selected.  You may need to contact your

      OLAP administrator to configure the cube to display data for the selected measures.


      The error kind of explains that there is no underlying data and contact OLAP admin. While connecting by any other tool such as XL or Pyramid I can easily get to drill (underlying data) without any problem, this issue only occurs with Tableau. Not sure if there is different way to configure cube to display underlying data just for tableau?