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    Cannot combine generated and imported geo coords in Tableau dual map

    Lyn Bartram

      I am using Tableau Mac desktop version 10.5.9

      I have a data file with latitude and longitude values for each record. I also have the regional postal codes (in Canada these are called the FSA Codes) from which Tableau can correctly generate boundaries.   So i currently can:

      1. generate a filled map with the FSA codes (generated Lat and Long)
      2. plot the individual values of the imported latitude and longitudinal records (in the excel file). There are 5665 such records (rows) in the excel file

      But  i cannot for the life of me make a dual-axis map with one layer being the generated Lat and long (1) and the second layer being a dot map using the imported lat and Long as detail (2)  as specified in the Tableau instructions at Create Dual-Axis (Layered) Maps in Tableau - Tableau .

      Instad what I get when i add in the details is a message that

      "The Latitude (generated) axis has 5665 null values".

      Help? Workbook attached.