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    Can't seem to filter on a dashboard using categories with counts of zero to find categories with positive/negative values.

    Jeremy Dai

      This will become more clear once I tell you this is a supply chain issue. I have multiple repair locations that have a surplus of materials as well as locations that have a deficit. I also have supply distribution centers, but sometimes the centers have 0 materials available so we then try to balance out the need for materials by transporting surplus from other locations to deficit ones.


      I was thinking to have a "slicer" table where I have a list of materials at my two supply distribution centers that are totaled to 0 each; meaning neither of my two distribution centers have any of these materials (Sheet 1). Then, I have a bar graph showing counts of materials at all my repair locations. Having both of these sheets on a dashboard, I'd like to click on a material ID at my supply center where the count is 0 and have all other locations on the second sheet show me the count (+/-) for the same material so we can redistribute accordingly. The problem arises when it just shows blanks probably because my two distribution centers are not contained in the 2nd sheet (I filtered it out). I tried duplicating data sources to try to get it to filter on materials instead of plants, but that didn't seem to work. Maybe I did it wrong. Is there another way to do this?