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    Countd Null Value Dimension

    Yeheyies Tekleselassie



      Please help


      I used different cals to identify to count the null value of the dimension.


      COUNTD(IF [Status Description]<>"" then 1 else 0 end )   - Not working  also used COUNTD(IF ISNULL([Event Type]) then [Child Plus ID] END) but not working.


      COUNTD(IF [Status Description] ="Failed" THEN [Child Plus ID] END)            Works

      COUNTD(IF [Status Description] ="passed" THEN [Child Plus ID] END)         Works


      The Status Description has three values  Passed, Failed, and Null (which means no data entered).  The above cal gave me 1 value for all the students.(see img).  Thank you


      The total number of student is 16. 5 Failed, 7 Passed and 4 supposed to be Null (1 value)


      Thank you for the help.